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Scott Shafer - Scouting the Offense: Opponent Breakdown

Scouting the Offense (Opponent Breakdown) explains how coaches can break down their offensive opponent.
Coach Scott Shafer details how this information can be used to help teams formulate a great defensive game plan. Coach Shafer explains how this breakdown can help a defense gain an idea of who a particular offense is.
Among the information collected on an opponent's offense is offensive personnel groupings, backfield alignments, pre-snap motions and trades, and the various formations the offense may employ during a game.

Among the topics covered:

  • Personnel and offensive identification
  • Backfield alignment
  • Motions and trades
  • 21 personnel formations
  • 11 personnel formations
  • 12 personnel formations
  • 13 personnel formations
  • 10 personnel formations
  • 20 personnel formations
  • 22-23 personnel formations
  • Empty formations
  • Close and compressed formations
  • Stack and bunch formations
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