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Rich Hargitt - Inside the Red Zone Offense


In Inside the Red Zone Offense, Rich Hargitt, head coach of Emmitt High School (ID) and RPO innovator, details his philosophy of successful red zone offense. 

Coach Hargitt discusses how to practice your red zone offense to gain proficiency and add diversity to your gameday play-calling. Additionally, Coach Hargitt reviews how to use your QB in the red zone, both as a runner and a passer.

Finally, Coach Hargitt provides film cut-ups and a discussion period to illustrate his points.

Topics covered include:

  • Red Zone Basics
  • X’s and O’s of the Red Zone Offense
  • QB Play
  • Practice Plans/Schedules
  • Red Zone Formations and Personnel
  • Increasing Touchdowns in the Red Zone
  • Play-Calling
  • Game Planning for Opposing Red Zone Defense
  • Film Cut-ups
rich-hargitt inside-red-zone-offense football red-zone offense schemes red-zone-basics quarterback-play red-zone-formations play-calling
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