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Steve Szabo - Linebacker Keys & Reactions

Linebacker Keys & Reactions provides an overview of a proven, basic system for improving the reaction of a linebacker to the offensive point of attack.
Featuring Steve Szabo, a veteran coach with over 40 years of experience at both the college and NFL levels, the video covers concepts that are applicable to any defensive scheme.
The video is designed as a resource for coaches who want to develop the ability of their linebackers to get into the correct position to defend the play.
The video addresses linebacker keys, reactions, and subsequent movements, with both a presentation- style lecture and work at the chalkboard.
Coach Szabo also includes an explanation and demonstration of a series of drills that can be utilized to enhance the keying and reacting skills of linebackers.

Among the topics covered:

  • Key through the line 
  • Key angle of flow 
  • Key flow-side guard area 
  • Backfield flow drill progression 
  • Backfield flow drill with guards 
  • Keying system with a 3-4 under 
  • 4-3 under demonstration
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