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Steve Szabo - Linebacker Blitzing Technique and Drills

Linebacker Blitzing Technique and Drills provides an overview of methods that linebackers can employ to get around blockers when executing a pass blitz.
Featuring Coach Steve Szabo, a veteran coach with over 40 years combined college and NFL experience, the video addresses several effective football blitz techniques that cover both inside and edge blitzing.
The proper positioning, actions, and movements of the blitzing linebacker are detailed, using both a presentation-style lecture and work on the chalkboard.
The video also includes an on-the-field explanation and demonstration of several drills that coaches can utilize to develop and enhance the essential skills involved in effective blitzing technique by linebackers.

Among the topics covered: 

  • How do I beat the blocker? 
  • Blitzing off the edge 
  • Inside-blitzing drill progression 
  • Outside-blitzing drill progression
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