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Michael Bayne and Brianna Temples - College Agility and Accuracy Drills for Lacrosse

College Agility and Accuracy Drills for Lacrosse features a series of developmental drills designed to take a lacrosse team to the next level.
Led by coaches Michael Bayne and Brianna Temples, these drills are designed for coaches who want to develop multiple aspects of their lacrosse players simultaneously, including balance, hand- eye coordination, stick skills, practical cardio, and shooting. The drills not only enhance the skill level of the athletes, they also enable coaches to make maximum use of the squad’s available practice time.

Among the topics covered:

  • Cat-and-mouse drill
  • Ground ball bridges
  • Line bridges
  • Dodging basics
  • Dodges with defenders
  • Game-like dodges
  • Power shooting
  • Placement shooting
  • Army/navy shooting
  • Cross cutting drill
  • Fundamentals of defense
  • Defensive footwork
  • Stick checking drill
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