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Aberman Anderson - Why Good Coaches QuitFree to Watch

20m 15s(2007)

Everyday, coaches need to be prepared to face the challenges of their profession. More often than not, the Xs and Os of coaching are the easy part. Having to deal with issues such as parents, media, behavioral problems, diminishing resources, and outside influences (agents, personal trainers, etc.), not to mention the volatile emotions of an athlete, leaves many coaches feeling unprepared. Why Good Coaches Quit addresses how to deal with what the authors call “the other stuff”—the things that are not taught to coaches in either coaching schools or clinics. Nonetheless, it is “the other stuff” that is driving many good coaches to leave the profession. The DVD is designed to provide valuable insights concerning “how coaches can maintain their sanity.”

Among the topics covered:

  • “The other stuff”
  • Understanding yourself as a coach (“who you are vs. what you are”)
  • Roles of the coach
  • Dealing with the “system”
  • Maintaining your sanity
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