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John Kimble - The Ultimate Library of Zone Offenses - Vol. 7: The High Set and The Pin-Screen Continuity Zone Offense


The Ultimate Library of Zone Offenses-Vol. 7: The High Set and The Pin-Screen Continuity Zone Offense, by Coach John Kimble, offers a thorough overview of the particular zone offense alignment known as the high set.

Coach Kimble explains how to best position all five players in this alignment, as well as details several plays that can be run from this set to attack the weaknesses of a zone defense and to capitalize on the strengths of the individual offensive players.

Coach Kimble also includes a review of the pin-screen continuity zone offense-a fundamentally sound zone offense that allows the offense to mount a persistent attack against the defense.

In addition, Coach Kimble explains why the high set, when combined with the pin-screen continuity zone offense, can easily confuse and destroy even-front zone defenses.

Among the topics covered:

  • High set
  • The nickel play
  • The dime play
  • The dollar play
  • Small entry/play
  • Large entry/play
  • The pin-screen continuity zone offense
  • Pin-screen vs. 1-2-2 zone
  • Freeze dribble & reverse pass vs. 2-3 zone defense
  • Baseline out-of-bounds plays
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