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Michael W. Cooper - Adding Screens to All Pistol/Spread Run Plays

In Adding Screens to All Pistol/Spread Run Plays, Coach Michael W. Cooper, discusses the benefits of not only pairing every run play with a zone or power run play, but also pairing every run play with a screen.
In this scenario, the quarterback reads the box.
If he sees a 5-6 man box, the offense runs the football.
If the defense is in a 7-8 man box, the offence can deal it-i.e., run a bubble, spot, or tunnel screen.
The underlying objective is to put outside inverts in dual conflict.

Among the topics covered: 

  • Make the defense defend the full field 
  • Inside zone 
  • Power 
  • Game clips 
  • Fly motion with thunder 
  • Game clips
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