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Jeff Reinebold - The Sweat Blitz Package: Attacking Protections With the 3-4 Defense

The Sweat Blitz Package: Attacking Protections With the 3-4 Defense, with Coach Jeff Reinebold, explains how teams that employ a 3-4 defensive scheme can affect protections and attack them, based on a specific look.
Coach Reinebold reviews the fundamental factors involved in the sweat family of blitzes, which entails bringing the two big outside backers (Sam and Will) to the same side of the formation.
Coach Reinebold points out how teams can attack a specific hot scheme that the offense may be employing.
Coach Reinebold also includes an overview of several types of sweat blitzes. 
Among the topics covered:
  • Sweat blitz family 
  • Sweat saw video 
  • Sweat mass 6 hard 
  • Sweat mass video 
  • Sweat safety 2 switch 
  • Safety 2 switch video
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