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Jeff Reinebold - Defending the Pass With Zone Coverage in the 3-4 Defense

Defending the Pass With Zone Coverage in the 3-4 Defense, by Jeff Reinebold, explains how zone coverage enables teams in the 3-4 defense to keep the maximum number of defenders with their eyes on the ball.
Coach Reinebold points out the advantages of playing zone against the pass game.
Coach Reinebold also discusses two different types of zone structure from a 3-4 defense-a 3-deep structure and a 2-deep structure.
The video is designed to be comprehensive resource for coaches whose teams employ the 3-4 defense that want their squads to play sound zone structure. 
Among the topics covered:
  • Philosophy 
  • Selection of personnel 
  • Cover 3 
  • Cut and switch concepts 
  • Look packages 
  • Game footage
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