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Joe Rossi - Better Special Teams Fundamentals

Better Special Teams Fundamentals, with Joe Rossi, provides a comprehensive overview of how coaches can assemble, organize, and manage their special teams to achieve maximum results.
In this regard, this information-packed video offers a detailed look at a variety of factors, from player evaluation and drill circuit planning to offseason preparation and weekly practice schedules.
The video also discusses a series of actual management work products, such as player depth charts, coaching responsibilities, daily activity outlines, and drill set-ups illustrate the material being described.
The video is designed as an invaluable instructional tool for coaches who want to establish and systematically coordinate their special teams, as well make the most of their valuable practice time.
Among the topics covered:
  • Special teams philosophy
  • Special teams organization
  • Punt block circuit
  • Training camp
  • Organizing during the season
  • Game day
  • Video clips
  • Limited time on the clock
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