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Greg Hacker - Explosive Power I Offense for Red-Zone and Short-Yardage Situations

Explosive Power I Offense for Red-Zone and Short-Yardage Situations, by Greg Hacker, offers insights into a highly explosive ground and pound clock-controlled offense that is designed to gain yardage on every drive.
The video reviews the key factors involved in effectively executing the power I, including backfield sets under the center and out of the gun.
The video also details several base run plays and base play-action passes that can be employed in this run-oriented offensive scheme.

Among the topics covered: 

  • Formations 
  • Gaps, base formation, and stance 
  • Backfield sets under center 
  • Backfield sets out of the gun 
  • Motions 
  • Green 01/02 
  • Green 03/04 
  • Green 21/22 
  • Green 20/29 
  • Green 31/32 
  • Green 37/38 
  • Green 41/42 
  • Green 51/52
  • Green 71/72 
  • 01/02 TE pop pass 
  • 21/22 bootleg
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