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John Montante - Blocking the Inside Zone Game

Blocking the Inside Zone Game, by John Montante, reviews the key factors involved in successfully executing the inside zone game in a team's offensive attack.
The video details the benefits of employing the inside zone play from a spread offense, as well as explains how offensive linemen can determine with whom they are combo-blocking-playside and backside.
The video also discusses adjustments that can be made from the zone game.
In addition, the video examines the slice game, another component of the inside zone.
Furthermore, with regard to the role of the offensive linemen, the video covers locking on the backside and blocking on the frontside.
Among the topics covered: 
  • Why the inside zone? 
  • Combo declarations 
  • Frontside/backside 
  • Adjustments 
  • The slice game 
  • Locking and blocking 
  • Midline game
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