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Tavares Johnson - The Air-Wing Offense - The Play-Action and the Dropback Passing Game and RPOs

The Air-Wing Offense: The Play-Action and the Dropback Passing Game and RPOs, by Tavares Johnson, explains how coaches can effectively incorporate play-action, dropback passing, and RPOs into their team's offensive attack.
The video reviews the key factors that are involved in successfully executing each of these three phases of the game.
The video also discusses the fact that coaches should base their team's play-action game and RPOs off of their best running play.
In addition, the video points out what air-wing teams should do to help ensure a favorable outcome on their RPO plays.
Furthermore, the video details the rules that govern a team's dropback passing game.
Among the topics covered: 
  • Play-action passing
  • RPOs 
  • Dropback passing game
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