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Mike Singletary - Mike Singletary's Guide to Linebacker Play

Mike Singletary's Guide to Linebacker Play provides a step-by-step resource for coaches and athletes who want to learn the basic factors involved in sound linebacker play.
Beginning with looking at how linebackers should take care of themselves the video discusses it is essential that linebackers consume a proper diet, stay hydrated, and get an adequate amount of sleep.
The video also explores how linebackers can move efficiently on the field, during play, as well as they should power (force) when making contact.
In addition, the video reviews the key factors involved in sound tackling (e.g., face up, neck in shoulders, wrap up, see what they hit, follow-through).
Furthermore, the video explores the basic steps required for a lineback to cover receivers, employing the proper technique and being confident.
Finally, the video points out why linebackers should take the time to learn how to play their position.
Among the topics covered: 
• Taking care of yourself 
• What is proper technique? 
• How do I move? 
• How do I punch? 
• How do I tackle? 
• How do I cover? 
• How do I study?
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