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Scott Shafer - Calling Plays for Breakdowns

Calling Plays for Breakdowns, by Scott Shafer, details the key factors involved in breaking down an offensive opponent's plays.
The video explains how and why information on these plays should be organized in a computer to facilitate its use by the defense.
Among the plays that should be captured for the computer are 2-back runs, 1-back runs, and option runs.
The video also reviews how to break down an opponent's passing game.
Among the information that needs to be collected in that regard are pass protections, pass routes, screens, pass zones, wide receiver route tree, and backfield route tree.
In addition, the video addresses how pass patterns can be grouped into two concepts-one to the strongside and one to the weakside.

Among the topics covered: 

  • 2-back runs 
  • 1-back runs 
  • Gun runs 
  • Option runs 
  • Pass protections 
  • 5-step protections 
  • Calling routes 
  • Screens 
  • Pass zone hit chart 
  • Wide receiver tree 
  • Backfield tree 
  • Pass concepts
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