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Andrew Coverdale & Dan Robinson - The Quick-Passing Game: Advanced Routes


The Quick-Passing Game: Advanced RoutesI, by Andrew Coverdale and Dan Robinson, presents a detailed overview of advanced routes for the quick-passing game.

Appropriate for coaches and teams at all competitive levels, the video offers a thorough analysis and break down of incorporating advanced routes in the quick-passing game.

In addition, the video features a step-by-step review of the four primary advanced routes that can be utilized effectively in the quick-passing game and includes an explanation and demonstration of how to perform each route.

Among the topics covered:

  • 97-197 short route
  • 96-196 smash route
  • 95-195 turn route
  • 94-194 stop route
  • 96 B hitch zone/zone call
  • 96 B slant zone/man call
  • 195 B short boundary/field call
  • 94 B short blitz/zone call
  • 68 B short deep/short call
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