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Bill Mountjoy - Reading Pass Coverage From an 11 & 12 Personnel Pro-Style Offense


In Reading Pass Coverage From an 11 & 12 Personnel Pro-Style Offense, Bill Mountjoy (Retired Coach – Spent 33 years in Virginia High School Football), discusses how to get your quarterbacks and skill players to read defensive coverages.

Coach Mountjoy outlines Pre and Post-Snap reads, as well as reading various formations.

Additionally, Coach Mountjoy reviews basic passing techniques and WR route running.

Finally, Coach Mountjoy details how to ensure all players are on the same page with regards to their reads and defensive recognition.

Topics covered include:

  • Basics of Reading Defenses
  • Identifying Defensive Formations/Schemes
  • Dropback Passing Techniques
  • Pre and Post Snap Reads and Adjustments
  • QB Reads and Recognition
  • Offensive Formations and Route Diagrams
  • Play Calling
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