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Charlie Fisher - Focus, Preparation, and Game Planning Your Way to Victory


In Focus, Preparation, and Game Planning Your Way to Victory, Charlie Fisher, longtime College Football coach, most recently with Arizona State, details his approach to game-planning, from practice to game day adjustments.

Coach Fisher discusses how to script plays, based on your team’s strengths and your opponent’s weakness.

Additionally, Coach Fisher reviews how to prepare for specific game day situations, including play-calling for various down-and-distances.

Finally, Coach Fisher reviews film cut-ups that demonstrate his philosophies.

Topics covered include:

  • Practice Planning (Game Preparation and Offensive Installation)
  • Understanding and Game Planning For Specific Situations
  • Game Planning for Your Opponents
  • Scripting Plays
  • Play Calling for Different Down and Distances/Field Positions
  • Game Day Adjustments
  • When to Utilize Trick Plays
  • Exploiting Opponent’s Tendencies
  • Film Cut-Ups
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