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Scott Woodward - Drive Shallow Concept


In Drive Shallow Concept, Scott Woodward, Offensive Quality Control Assistant for the University of Pittsburgh football team, currently the Offensive Quality Control Assistant for the University of Kentucky football team, discusses the strategy and implementation of the “Drive/Shallow” concept in the Pitt Panther’s offensive scheme.

Coach Woodward details the various formations and play calling possibilities within, including running multiple plays out of the same formation or the same play out of different formations.

Additionally, Coach Woodward discusses using the Drive/Shallow to get the ball to your playmakers all over the field using motion and route-running.

Finally, Coach Woodward provides play diagrams and film cut-ups as examples of the Drive/Shallow concept.

Topics covered include:

  • Drive/Shallow Basics
  • Formations and Play-Calling
  • Route Running
  • Utilizing Motion
  • Keeping Defenses Off Balance
  • Drive/Shallow vs. Different Defenses
  • Two Minute Offense
  • Making Adjustments
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