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Adam Bishop - 8-Man Football: Creating Advantages in Every Phase of the Game


In 8-Man Football: Creating Advantages in Every Phase of the Game, Adam Bishop, Head Coach at Regent Prep HS (OK), discusses a variety of ways to create competitive advantages for your program. Coach Bishop reviews how to use an up-tempo offense to increase scoring and keep the defense off-balance.

Additionally, Coach Bishop discusses how to structure your practices to implement an up-tempo scheme and maximize your practice time.

Finally, Coach Bishop hosts a question and answer period, addressing how to implement his ideas into your program.

Topics covered include:

  • Using Tempo on Offense
  • Play Calling
  • Communication Techniques
  • Practice Methods and Structure
  • Conditioning
  • Special Teams
  • Question and Answer Period
  • Film Cut-ups
adam-bishop football offense 8-man tempo play-calling communication-techniques practice-methods practice-structure conditioning
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