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John Stiegelmeier - Special Situations and More - 2021 Nebraska Coaches Association


Coach John Steigelmeier has been with the South Dakota State football program for over 34 years. This straightforward presentation at the 2021 Nebraska Coaches Association focuses on the idea of leaving nothing to chance on the football field. The coach must evolve to maintain success.

These are special situation lessons from college coaching life. This rapid-fire 48-minute talk whips the viewer around Coach Stiegelmeier’s coaching life, while simultaneously imparting both life lessons and football strategies in full measure.

Coach Steigelmeier has won 175 wins in a head coaching career that spans 24 years with one program.

Topics covered include:

  • The Draw Card Lesson
  • Attack the Opposite
  • Adjustments
  • How Many Run Plays in Football?
  • Just Call It
  • Play in the Present
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