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Paul Golla - Running the Wildcat Power Option Game

Running the Wildcat Power Option Game offers a comprehensive overview how to
execute a power-run, read-option offense from the wildcat formation. The offense
features plays that are based on and blocked similar to the straight wildcat power
game, but create an opportunity for the read option by switching the role of just
one backfield player.
The wildcat formation with the power option, also referred to
as the load option, can be a great addition to an offense that does not have a true
passer. This offense is designed to a team's best offense player, whether he is a
quarterback, a running back or a wide receiver, in a position to receive the snap
directly for a run or receive the pitch if the option is executed.
The video also details a number of plays that can be employed in this offense against various
specific defensive alignments, including the 3-4, 4-4, and double eagle.
Among the topics covered:
  • Why the wildcat power option run game?
  • Power option
  • Power option vs. 4-3
  • Power option vs. 3-4
  • Power option vs. double-eagle
  • Power option blocking rules
  • Power blocking rules-no puller
  • Power G
  • Power kick
  • Power kick option
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