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Robin Ross - Defensive Line Affecting the Spread Offense Quarterback

1hr 31m 10s(2020)

Given the proliferation of the spread offense and the rise of the RPO, it has never been more important to either get to the quarterback, or perhaps more importantly, disrupt his vision and attention.

In Defensive Line Affecting the Spread Offense Quarterback, Coach Robin Ross outlines techniques and strategies to better train defensive lineman to agitate the quarterback and get the win.

Among the topics covered:

  • Be a pro
  • Out-hustle, outhit
  • Be mentally tough
  • Performance charts
  • Defensive lineman characteristics
  • Defensive line progression
  • Front stances
  • Pass rush techniques & lanes
  • Zone pressures
  • Breaking down the offensive line
  • Breaking down pass protections
  • Front alignments
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