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Robin Ross - Defending RPO's With Alignments and Technqiues

1hr 12m 25s(2020)

Coach Robin Ross, of Eastern Washington University, covers how to defend the Run-Pass Option (RPO) with all three levels of defense. In Defending RPOs With Alignments and Techniques, Coach Ross details how to defend all aspects of the RPO using specific alignments, formations, and techniques. Coach Ross provides information to assist all three position groups (defensive line, linebackers, secondary) to properly defend RPOs that are run out of multiple formations.

Among the topics discussed are:

  • Keys to defending RPOs
  • Defensive front concepts
  • Linebacker keys
  • Secondary coverages
  • Def. adjustments for RPOs
  • Pressure packages
  • Coverage adjustments
  • Alignment & formation basics
  • Film room views of RPO defenses
robin-ross defending-rpo football game-planning rpo defense defensive-line coaching coaching-football linebackers
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