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Grant Teaff - Teaching Self Motivation

55m 37s(2012)

Based on concepts from the well-received book, Grant Teaff's Coach-to-Coach, and featuring individuals in the history of competitive sports, Teaching Self Motivation explores the key factors involved in motivation. The DVD details the basic types of motivation and outlines a three-step progression of how individuals can become motivated. The DVD also provides an overview of the importance of setting and reaching personal and professional goals. In addition, the DVD discusses several examples of self-motivated individuals.

Among the topics covered:

• Motivation
• Types of motivation
• Examples of motivation
• Step 1
• Introspection
• Step 2 mental pictures
• Step 3 importance of goals
• Reaching goals
• Set goals where they need to be
• How-to examples
• The magic of the goal cards
• Examples of self motivation

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