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Ohio HS Football Coaches Association Clinic - 2007
Total playtime: 7hr 24m 2s
Kevin Johns - Northwestern Quick Passing Game - 2007 OHSFCA Clinic
56m 18s (2007) Strategy
John Rice - Pressure from the Nickle and Dime - 2007 OHSFCA Clinic
50m 7s (2007) Strategy
Mitch Browning - Inside Running Game - 2007 OHSFCA Clinic
1hr 20m 48s (2007) Strategy
Tim Goodwin - Marion Local Defense - 2007 OHSFCA Clinic
55m 5s (2007) Strategy
Brian White - Short Yardage Offense - 2007 OHSFCA Clinic
54m 5s (2007) Strategy
Steve Trivosonno - Mentor Spread Offense - 2007 OHSFCA Clinic
51m 54s (2007) Strategy