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John Kimble - The Ultimate Library of Zone Offenses - Vol. 4: The Stack Set


The Ultimate Library of Zone Offenses - Vol. 4: The Stack Set, by Coach John Kimble, offers a detailed overview of the key factors involved in the stack alignment.

In addition to pointing out the most effective placement of offensive personnel in this particular set, Coach Kimble includes reviews several quick-hitting plays and entries that are designed to utilize the strengths of the offensive players, as well as take advantage of the inherent weaknesses of various zone defenses.

Coach Kimble also breaks down the individual responsibilities of each player for offensive rebounding and defensive transition.

Furthermore, Coach Kimble explains why this alignment, when partnered up with the appropriate continuity zone offense, can be effective against both even-front and odd-front defenses.

Among the topics covered:

  • The "stack" set/alignment
  • Stack set entries/plays
  • Heads play/entry
  • Tails play/entry
  • Hot play/entry
  • Cold play/entry
  • Double-cross play/entry
  • Race play/entry
  • Strongside ball-screen
  • Weakside ball-screen
  • Circle play/entry
  • Load play/entry
  • Flood play/entry
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