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Steve Lappas - Out of Bounds Plays and Special Situations


In Out of Bounds Plays and Special Situations, Coach Steve Lappas, former Villanova head coach and current College Basketball Analyst, covers specific out of bounds plays and situational plays based on court positioning, with an emphasis on scoring.

On- and off-ball screen plays, setting up shooters, creating open shots, and exploiting weaknesses in half-court and full-court defenses are discussed, with specific set plays demonstrated.

Additionally, Coach Lappas reviews plays and ideas with the shot clock or game clock running down, where quick scoring is required.

Finally, Coach Lappas presents specific situational plays such as Lobs, Three Point Plays, and Fast Breaks.


Among the topics covered:

  • Baseline/Sideline Out of Bounds Plays
  • Plays with Multiple Options
  • Plays for Specific Positions (Center, Point Guard, etc)
  • Fundamentals and Footwork of Special Situation Plays
  • Inbounding vs Man-to-Man and Zone Defenses
  • Scoring Quickly with Little Time on the Clock
  • Fast Break Situations
  • Creating Scoring Chances using Decoys
  • Specific Situation Plays (Lobs, Three Point Shots)
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