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Larry Beightol - Offensive Line Play: Fundamentals and Technique

Featuring Coach Larry Beightol, one of the most respected offensive line coaches in the history of the game shares information, ideas, and insights concerning the key factors involved in sound offensive line play.
Offensive Line Play: Fundamentals and Technique details the importance of mastering fundamentals and explains why repetition is the foundation of learning for all position players.
Coach Beightol outlines the process for teaching run-blocking fundamentals to offensive linemen, as well as reviews the basic coaching points for each fundamental.
Coach Beightol also includes several game-tested drills that coaches can use to develop the run-blocking skills of their offensive linemen.

Among the topics covered: 

  • Fundamentals and technique 
  • Lineup and splits 
  • Pull technique 
  • Approach 
  • Run-blocking drills 
  • Split side 
  • Inside zone 
  • Emphasis on stance 
  • Teaching the fundamentals 
  • Drive-blocking technique 
  • Follow through 
  • Group 1/2 line setup 
  • Outside zone
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