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Joe Ellison - The Role of Team Chaplain and Developing Mental and Spiritual Toughness


In The Role of Team Chaplain and Developing Mental and Spiritual Toughness, Rev. Joe Ellison, Team Chaplain at Virginia Union University (VA), discusses his thoughts on creating a spiritual team cohesion through prayer, as well as how to help develop physical, mental, and spiritual toughness within a football program.

Rev. Ellison outlines his role as Team Chaplain, as well as his background in both religion and athletics.

Additionally, Rev. Ellison details how to identify character, values, and integrity, as well as how to implement them into your program and athletes.

Finally, Rev. Ellison hosts a Question and Answer session for his audience.

Topics covered include:

  • Opening Prayer
  • My Background
  • Our Role
  • Closing Prayer
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