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Phil Grams - The Fly Offense


In The Fly Offense, Phil Grams, offensive coordinator at Lawrence University (KS), details the Fly Offensive system. Coach Grams outlines the offensive philosophy and how it is designed to get the ball to your best players, in positions to exploit the defense.

Additionally, Coach Grams details and number of options within the offense, as well as specific schemes that can be implemented.

Finally, Coach Grams provides film cutups illustrating the Fly Offense in detail.

Topics covered include:

  • Fly Offense Basics
  • Goals of the Fly Offense
  • Play Calling in the Fly Offense
  • Play Diagrams
  • The Fly Sweep
  • Fly Pass Option
  • Getting the Ball to Your Playmakers
  • Trap, Power, and Counter within the Fly Offense
  • Film Cut-Ups
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