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Drew Svoboda - Tight Ends and Special Teams


In Tight Ends & Special Teams, Drew Svoboda, tight ends coach and special teams coordinator at University of Alabama, details what he looks for when recruiting TEs, as well as how he develops then and implements them into the offensive scheme. Coach Svoboda discusses formations and plays that utilize your programs TEs.

Additionally, Coach Svoboda outlines how shifts and motions by the TE can confuse or get the defense out of position. 

Finally, Coach Svoboda provides a variety of film cut-ups of game situations illustrating his methods.

Topics covered include:

  • Tight End Characteristics
  • TE Formations
  • Formation and Play Diagrams
  • Using the TE in Motion and Shifts
  • Blocking Responsibilities
  • TE in the Passing Game
  • Film Cut-Ups
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