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John Kay - Practice Organization


In Practice Organization, John Kay, head coach at North Shore High School (TX), discusses how to optimize your practice time through organization and planning. Coach Kay reviews how to develop a weekly schedule to suit your program’s needs and how it builds towards your goals.

Additionally, Coach Kay addresses how to create a balance between instruction and repetitions, as well as a balance between on-field activity and off-field activity (meetings, film study, weight room, etc).

Finally, Coach Kay reviews how to maximize your practice time using multiple drill stations, shortening transitions, and full team workouts.

Topics covered include:

  • Practice Organization
  • Developing a Weekly Schedule
  • Defining Your Goals
  • Creating Balance in Your Practices
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Core Aspects of Your Practice Routine
  • Drillwork and Fundamentals
  • Instruction vs. Repetition
  • Off-Field Activity
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