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Mac Barnes - Ways To Simplify the No-Huddle Passing Game


In Ways to Simplify the No-Huddle Passing Game, Mac Barnes, former Head Coach at Lamar HS (MS), a finalist for 2021 Coach of the Year at the National Coaches Clinic, and 2020 inductee into the Fellowship of Christian Athletes Hall-of-Fame, details his thoughts on how to utilize the no huddle passing game.

Coach Barnes outlines his thoughts on coaching development, player development, and implementing passing game ideas into your existing offensive scheme.

Additionally, Coach Barnes stresses how to simplify your offense, including play calls and terminology.

Finally, Coach Barnes provides a variety of “Chalk Talk” type play diagrams and schemes, emphasizing his offensive principles.

Topics covered include:

  • Coaching in Public vs. Private Schools
  • Using the Passing Game vs Bigger/Stronger Teams
  • Changing Numbers in and Outside of “the box”
  • Evolving Your Offense
  • Running the Ball in a Passing Game with different Blocking Schemes
  • Play Calling Processes/Simplifying Your Plays
  • Putting Athletes in Space with Angles/Reads/Snap Counts
  • Balanced Personnel (Offense vs. Defense)
  • Reading Coverages and Defensive Players Pre-Snap
football offense no-huddle passing-game changing-numbers running-the-ball blocking-schemes play-calling angles reads
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