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Andrew Coverdale - Effective Quads Concepts to Enhance Your Offense


Effective Quads Concepts to Enhance Your Offense, with Coach Andrew Coverdale, explains why aligning in quads or 4x1 alignments, particularly on hashmarks, can be extremely disruptive to defensive structures.

Coach Coverdale outlines a systematic approach by which those types of sets can be incorporated into any offensive scheme with a minimum of new learning and skills.

Coach Coverdale provides an overview of the key factors involved in such an approach, as well as details examples of advanced base passes that can be employed.

Among the topics covered:

  • Forms of quads
  • The numbers game: mix & match
  • Run/uncovered
  • Individual quick with uncovered
  • Alley screen with uncovered
  • Video clips
  • Spacing concept
  • Adapted base passes
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