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Ron Lynn - Developing the Culture Within the Team: Ideas and Insights

Developing the Culture Within the Team: Ideas and Insights, by Coach Ron Lynn, explores the concept of coaches as leaders, mentors, and educators.
The video discusses the fact that the lessons learned in the laboratory of football (e.g., on the field, in the classroom, in the weight room) are life lessons that will stay with the players more than the score of the games in which they played or the individual accolades or personal stats they received.
Featuring one of the most respected coaches in the game, the video offers a series of ideas and insights concerning what coaches can do to get their players to trust them, as well as believe in them.
In that regard, not only does Coach Lynn look at how coaches can build the culture of their team, it also points out how they can set goals (short-term, intermediate, long-term) for themselves.
In addition, the video points out the necessity of coaches surrounding themselves with colleagues who possess a similar, appropriate leadership style.

Among the topics covered: 

  • Coach vs. mentor 
  • Controllable assets 
  • Building the culture 
  • Establishing goals 
  • Leadership style 
  • Accountability
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