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Steve Szabo - Linebacker Tackling Technique and Drills

Linebacker Tackling Technique and Drills provides an invaluable resource for coaches who want to enhance the tackling skills of their linebackers.
Featuring Steve Szabo, a veteran coach with over 40 years of combined college and NFL experience, the video reviews the components and techniques associated with making a sound tackle, with emphasis on open-field tackling.
The proper body positioning, actions, and overall skills required of a linebacker while tackling are presented, using both a presentation-style lecture and work at the chalkboard.
The video also includes an on-the-field explanation and demonstration of a series of drills that coaches can employ to develop the tackling technique and skills of their linebackers.

Among the topics covered:

  • The fit 
  • Open step 
  • Come to balance 
  • Regain shuffle 
  • On-the-field-demonstration 
  • Open step 
  • Come to balance 
  • Regain shuffle
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