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John Levra - Better Defensive Lineman Fundamentals

Better Defensive Lineman Fundamentals provides a comprehensive overview of the basic skills and techniques involved in effectively rushing the passer.
Featuring John Levra, a 47-year coaching veteran, who worked with seven NFL Hall of Fame defensive linemen during his career, the video explains and demonstrates what defensive linemen need to be able to do to put pressure on the quarterback.
The video also features a series of proven football drills that coaches can employ to enhance the ability of their defensive linemen to successfully rush the passer.

Among the topics covered: 

  • Stance 
  • Takeoff 
  • Shuffle drill 
  • Rip drill 
  • Edge shuffle 
  • Use of the hands 
  • Defeating the blocker 
  • Counter inside 
  • Reacting to the blocker 
  • Draw, pass, or screen drill 
  • Agility drill 
  • Stunts
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