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Vince Suriano - What I Would Do Differently If I Went Back to High School Football

In What I Would Do Differently If I Went Back to High School Football, one of the most respected coaches in the history of high school football in the state of Ohio, Vince Suriano, shares his experience and the insights learned from 43 years of coaching at various competitive levels of football, including 10 years at the collegiate level.
The video points out a number of factors that could help high school football coaches be better prepared to fulfill their responsibilities as difference-makers on and off the field.
This includes the need for patience, the value of studying both sides of the ball, the benefit of post-game video corrections, the reasons for dividing the staff for game planning, the advantage of having fewer runs/schemes in the offense, the importance to initially plan all pass plays by first considering the protection, and the value of scripting plays.

Among the topics covered: 

  • Patience and studying 
  • Video corrections 
  • Game planning 
  • Run schemes 
  • Pass protection and formations 
  • Scripting and breakdowns 
  • Game plan segments 
  • Backside 
  • Press box organization
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