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Dante Bartee - Cover 3 Defense: Alignments, Adjustments, and Match Up Coverage


In Cover 3 Defense: Alignments, Adjustments, and Match Up Coverage, Dante Bartee, Defensive Quality Control at Southern Miss, discusses concepts of Cover 3, including formation alignment, zone coverages, and strongside/weakside responsibilities.

Coach Bartee outlines the techniques used by all seven of his defensive backfield players.

Additionally, Coach Bartee details adjustments to the Cover 3 based on offensive formations, playcalling, and routes run by the offense.

Finally, Coach Bartee hosts a question and answer session on the Cover 3 defense.

Topics covered included:

  • Zone Matchup Coverage
  • Linebacker Responsibilities
  • Secondary Coverages
  • Safety Support
  • “60/40” Technique
  • Communication in the Secondary
  • Adjustments Based on Offensive Schemes
  • Defending WR Route Trees
  • Question and Answer Session
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