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Vic Schaefer - Coaching Today's Student Athlete


In Coaching Today's Student Athlete, Vic Schaefer, head women's basketball coach at the University of Texas, discusses the difficulties and opportunities in connecting and developing relationships with athletes in today's world. Coach Shaefer outlines how to develop strategies to communicate with and care for your players.

Additionally, Coach Shaefer details how to recruit, develop, and retain athletes in the Transfer Portal era, with an emphasis on discipline and structure.

Finally, Coach Shaefer reviews how to create a competitive atmosphere that assists in performing well at the highest levels.

Topics covered include

  • Instant Gratification
  • Communication
  • Connecting with Your Student-Athletes
  • Caring for Your Players
  • Creating Structure and Discipline in Your Program
  • Accountability
  • Competitive Spirit
  • "Rising to the Occasion"
  • Developing Teaching Habits
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