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Don Hyde - Defending the Modern Day Offense

58m 6s(2020)

In Defending the Modern Day Offense, Don Hyde, Head Coach of La Vega High School in Waco, TX, discusses the difficulties and opportunities in defending today’s up-tempo, high scoring offenses. Coach Hyde presents his philosophies on how to defend various plays and formations, while also offering insight on how to review film and develop game plans for future opponents. Coach Hyde then outlines defensive fundamentals, formations and adjustments. Additionally, Coach Hyde reviews angles, pursuit, and tackling skills and drills. Also, Coach Hyde stresses utilizing practice and film sessions to “know your personnel and the opposition’s personnel” to get the most out of your defensive game plans.

Topics covered include:

  • Defensive Philosophies vs High Scoring Offenses
  • Gap Discipline
  • Help Defense Basics
  • Defending the Run
  • Defending the Pass
  • Scouting/Creating Mismatches
  • Defensive Schemes/Formations
  • Pursuit/Tackling Fundamentals
  • Positional Responsibilities
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