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Joey Fryoux - The Science of Kicking and Punting

1hr 15s(2020)

In The Science of Kicking and Punting, Coach Joey Fryoux of Trinity Kicking, shares his philosophies, techniques, and drills to developing successful kickers and punters. Coach Fryoux begins with basic fundamentals, discusses his systematic approach to developing kickers at all levels, and then provides drills to increase distance, accuracy, and consistency. Coach Fryoux also shows how to learn to correct poor technique through analyzing the flight, spin, and angle of kicks.

Topics covered include:

  • Punting and Kicking Fundamentals
  • Setting Expectations
  • Punting Drills
  • Developing Power
  • Increasing Accuracy
  • Kicking Drills
  • Directional Kicking
  • Identifying and Correcting Mistakes/Flaws
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