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Adam Szabo - 101 Warm-Up Exercises

34m 51s(2013)

101 Warm-Up Exercises presents a series of exercises that coaches can employ with their athletes to get their bodies to be better prepared to meet the physical demands of the activities in which they are about to engage. The DVD outlines four specific goals that every training program, including a warm-up, should address as well as points out the logistical factors that should be considered when setting up a warm-up. The DVD features exercises for every key area of the body. Each exercise is explained and demonstrated in an easy-to-understand manner.

Among the topics covered:

  • Goals
  • Logistics and weather considerations
  • Component and organization
  • Ankle and shin strengthening exercises
  • Running forward exercises
  • Running backward exercises
  • Lateral movement exercises
  • Skipping exercises
  • Bear crawl exercises
  • Hip mobility exercises
  • Hamstring mobility exercises
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