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John Kimble - Implementing the "Speed Game" with Primary and Secondary Fast Breaks

55m 34s(2010)

Implementing the Speed Game With Primary and Secondary Fast Breaks presents an overview of the key factors involved in designing and executing a successful speed game. Designed for basketball coaches at all competitive levels, the DVD explains and demonstrates how primary and secondary fast-break schemes can effectively take advantage of what the defense gives a team. The DVD also details how teams can employ the speed game to maximize their offensive strengths, while minimizing their weaknesses, to create defensive personnel mismatches. Among the topics covered:

  • Immediate transition into press offense
  • Various pass options for 01 to attack the press defense
  • Quick in-bounds pass (to 01) to begin the press offense
  • Quick in-bounds pass (to 01) to begin the press offense vs. run and jump press
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