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Art Wilmore - Teaching 1-on-1 Offensive Skills

44m 1s(2009)

Teaching 1-on-1 Offensive Skills provides a comprehensive overview of the fundamentals and techniques involved in sound offensive play. In an easy-to-understand and -apply manner, the DVD outlines how coaches can enhance the offensive skill level of their players and offers a series of game-tested developmental drills that are appropriate for players at all competitive levels. Featuring on-the-court demonstrations, each drill is reviewed and shown. (Publisher's note: Published in 2009, Released in 2010)

Among the topics covered:

• 4-corner passing drill
• Sprint catches
• No-dribble drill
• 1-on-1 pressure series
• 2-on-1 pressure drill
• 1-on-1 command drill
• Offensive advantages
• 1-on-1 live
• 1-on-1 moves
• Dribble moves
• 1-on-1 free-throw lane
• Protect-the-dribble drill

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