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Darren Gurney - Covering All The Bases-Pro Hitting Drills

Covering All The Bases-Pro Hitting Drills features over a dozen dynamic hitting drills, designed to foster proper mechanics, improve bat speed, and increase power-hitting ability.
Coach Darren Gurney and Matt Duran (New York Yankees organization) discuss and demonstrate a comprehensive set of progressive drills that will help hitters coordinate their legs, arms, hips, hands, and eyes effectively into a sound baseball swing.
The video contains footage that will enable players and coaches of all competitive levels to rehearse clean hitting fundamentals in various practice settings so that they can learn how to hit like a pro.

Among the topics covered: 

  • Fence drill 
  • Tire drill 
  • Colored-ball soft-toss hitting drill 
  • Corn-kernel soft-toss drill 
  • Hip drill 
  • Basketball-tee hitting drill 
  • Rear soft-toss drill 
  • Eye-dominance drill 
  • Baseball rings-catching drill 
  • High-tee drill 
  • Inside/outside tee drill 
  • Down-angle tee drill 
  • Angled-bp hitting drill 
  • Situational-hitting drill 
  • Concrete-block hitting drill
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