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Alex Burg - Incorporating Launch Angle & Analytics Into Player Development and Offensive Game Plans


In Incorporating Launch Angle & Analytics Into Player Development and Offensive Game Plans, Alex Burg, coordinator of run production for the Texas Rangers, discusses how to optimize your team’s offensive output using analytics. Coach Burg defines run production, and shows how to increase it using situational hitting techniques.

Additionally, Coach Burg reviews statistical categories outside the traditional numbers, and shows how various factors all contribute to run production.

Finally, Coach Burg translates this information so it can be applied to game strategy and hitting concepts.

Topics covered include:

  • Launch Angle
  • What is Run Production?
  • Factors Contributing to Run Production
  • Defining Advanced Statistics
  • Applying Analytics to your Game Plan
  • Maximizing On-Base Percentage
  • Situational Hitting
  • Building Your Lineup
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