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Cory Sanders - Pitt Football's Cover 4 Defense


In Pitt Football’s Cover 4 Defense, Cory Sanders, Safeties Coach at Pittsburgh University (PA) goes into detail about the Pitt Cover 4 Defense, their philosophy, goals, and an overview of the 4-3 Cover 4 defensive scheme.

Coach Sanders outlines the basics of the scheme, including formations and coverages, while also maintaining simplicity and allowing the players to play fast.

Additionally, Coach Sanders discusses pressuring the quarterback, disguising coverages, reading offensive formations, and diagnosing plays.

Finally, Coach Sanders provides film cut-ups illustrating the schemes and ideas.

Topics covered include:

  • Why the Cover 4?
  • 4-3 Defense Basics
  • Cover 4 Fundamentals
  • Formations and Schemes
  • Disguising Coverages
  • Footwork for Defenders
  • Reading and Reacting
  • Stopping the Run/”Making the Offense One-Dimensional”
  • Film Cut-Ups
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